SCTP Socket Error

Hey everyone,

I’m new to working with the TX2 so apologies if this is a dumb question. I’m trying to run the srsRAN_4G on the Jetson TX2. When I try to initialize the srsepc it gives me an error: “Could not initialize SCTP socket”. I found a command on one of the other support pages, and it told me that CONFIG_IP_SCTP is not set. Is there a package I can install to enable it or would I have to do something with the kernel? And if I have to re-build the kernel, how would I do that so that SCTP is enabled? I’m running Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you!

We don’t have experiecne with srsRAN_4G and SCTP, you may check this topic to see if cna know how to build from source: SCTP support for Jetson TX2 - #4 by Honey_Patouceul

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