SDCard Detect

I am using a vertical microSD card slot, and it does not provide a card detect set of pins.

I have used the card slot with other devices (Pi Compute 3) and I was able to have it auto detect the card was inserted or not, and mount.

Can I configure the same way for the Nano?

(We are not done designing our carrier board yet since we have questions like these).

And if I am not using the SD detect, can I just use that GPIO for something else (assuming I change the PoR functionality of it?)

hello enc0der,

may I know what do you mean about “a vertical microSD card slot”; are you using port J501 for a microSD card or something else?


I am using this card slot “PJS008U-3000-0”

Which has no card detect circuitry. This is the only vertical I’ve found so I can install a card perpendicular to a PCB.

I’ll be using SDMMC3.

hello enc0der,

you may access Tegra X1 SoC Technical Reference Manual for reference.
please note that, the removable SD cards’ Card Detect and Write protect pins apply to SDMMC1 and SDMMC3 only. it is GPIO based card detection mechanism.
you may check [ SDMMC3 Initialization Sequence] for more details.