sdk compile errors

I’m having problems compiling the SDK after installing the driver and toolkit. Anyone ever run into this?


Heres my output

That looks a lot like the output I get when I use GCC 4.2. Try GCC 4.1 or older.

In general, when the compiler barfs with messages related to the standard library, you know, errors that just shouldn’t be errors, that indicates compiler chain version incompatibilities with something in the code.

That is why they say they don’t support the new gcc 4.2+ at this time.
Maybe the new toolkit will support it. I think I read something about that.

@martman: Are you using one of the supported Linux distributions?

Nope, the new Ubuntu beta. The idea of downgrading to the previous version probably wont go over to well with my lab so I thought this might be worth a shot.

Ill try just down grading gcc. Thanks