Sdk-manager that runs on docker fails at loading server data

I’m trying to understand how sdk-manager 20.04 works on docker when i type “docker run -it -rm sdkmanager:latest --query”. It redirects me to login after the login phase it tries to Load server data but it fails what should i do ? I can visit the link without any problem on my host machine. the image that i am directly running is :
i have done these steps ->>
1- docker load -i ./sdkmanager-[version].[build#]-[base_OS]_docker.tar.gz
2- docker tag sdkmanager:[version].[build#] sdkmanager:latest
this works fine :
docker run sdkmanager:latest --ver
what should i do also my main goal is to accomplish customized nvidia-ubuntu image creation like i want to add clion,rviz,vscode etc… but i dont want to do it after flashing the device but in the process of flashing

What’s the difference here?

This has nothing to do with docker. What you need is to customize the rootfs: