Sdkmanager OOPS

As the picture show,I got the message after login the sdkmanger. My cumputer opterater system is Ubuntu 16.04 and the SdkManager version is 1.0.1.I used the Sdkmanager for several times, it always run very well. But last day,when I wanted copy Sdk to Jetson Xavier,it can’t be run. I am sure the computer could connect the internet.So what happend ???

Hi Martinkeith,

Can you please provide more information as mentioned in OOPS NO SDKs are available for my account?

i didn’t change anything.Afer login the sdkmanger,it show ‘processing data’ for several seconds.Then it show the OOPS.My computer didn’t change system and software.I think it is all what i can provide…

My colleague and I also encountered this problem

It run very well when I try again today, so i’m sure it coused by NVIDIA。

Issue should be resolved, please get it a try. Thanks

please help to solve the same problem for me, thanks

Hi 1025784161,
Can you please provide ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log for more investigation?

Is this still an issue?
If yes, please provide ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log for more investigation.


Yep, the same problem for me. Oops first time, no sdk available for you next time…
Why so difficult? How I can flashing directly from SD card without boot OS on device?
and… where is image for AGX!?

Hi kwaskoff,

Only Nano and Xavier NX have SD boot image, no plan to other Jetson platforms.
Have you managed to flash the device via SDK manager successfully?
If it’s still an issue, please help to open a new topic with the ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log for more investigation.