Second monitor black screen after installing 465.31 Nvidia drivers (using RTX 3070)

Note: I have 2 screens, the main (full HD) works properly, and the second one (4k) that stay in black screen.

Today I’ve reinstalled Debian 10 on my computer, and I’ve installed Nvidia drivers 465.31. The installation was done properly with no errors. The resolution at the main monitor now is correct (FullHD), and Kernel driver in use is nvidia. At the nvidia settings window I can see that detect boths monitors (the second one that is 4k is detected too with the general display info, like resolution or brand), and I can interact with it (take windows and move them between screens. But I can’t see nothing, black window. Also I have a Windows10, and there both monitors works properly.
Monitor 2 (4k) have “no signal”, but the computer detects it.

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