Segmentation fault (core dumped) in jetson xavier!

Hi I am trying to run this repository: on my Xavier which uses pytorch and works fine(They are also using the same device).
But after the evaluation when the results are saved i get this message “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”. But there is no problem and the results are also fine so I’m not sure what is this error for ? can I ignore it or there is something terrible happening ?

It is due to different version of PyTorch. install the latest version or any version above v1.5.0 it will fix the issue.
you can find the latest version in or jetson zoo

Thank you for your reply. I use the latest version of pytorch wheel that is available for the xavier. I could not solve my problem but I ignored it since everything else is working fine and it does not affect my work. But thanks anyway

Then try different version of pytorch other than the version you used. It might help you to avoid the error.