Segmentation fault when h265 encoding on jetson agx orin with 32G RAM

Hi, nvidia
When we try to encode 2 * 4K@30fps + 5 * 1080P@30fps on jetson agx orin with 32G RAM, segmentation fault occurred. And we found it is Caused by insufficient memory. So we want to reduce the RAM per GPU thread to solve this problem. Is it possible? If so, how should we do it?

Does it work if you run 2 * 4K@30fps + 4 * 1080P@30fps? In TAble 4-6 of
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It lists 4K30 (3) for H265. This is the maximum capability.

Yes,it works when we set 2 * 4K@30fps + 4 * 1080P@30fps, but only 20fps.

Hi, DaneLLL
Thanks for you support. Jetson Orin with 32G RAM only support 4K30(3) for H265, and Jetson Orin with 64G RAM can support 4K30(4). is it mean the NVENC of Orin(32G) different from Orin( 64G)?
In addition, we measured it on the DRIVER Orin(32G). It only can support 2 * 4K@30fps + 1 * 3M@30fps. When we set 2 * 4K@30fps + 2 * 3M@30fps, the fps is down to 27. So what is the capability of DRIVER Orin?

Please check power modes of Orin series:
Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

NVENC can run to 793.6MHz on Orin 32GB and 998.4MHz on Orin 64GB. So the capability is different.

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