Segmentation fault when using different GPUs

I met a weird bug when running Issacgym’s joint_monkey examples. For example, when I specify cuda:0 as the GPU to run the example, everything works well:

However, when I use different GPU like cuda:1 (by seting CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1), the error happens:


Hi @xidong.feng.20

Looks like we might have a problem to track down here with CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES. In the meantime, it is better anyways to explicitly specify your sim and/or graphics devices on the command line using:
--sim_device=cuda:n --graphics_device=k

Note that the sim_device parameter uses CUDA style device syntax, while the graphics_device parameter uses the vulkan device ID, which may not always be the same as the CUDA device ID style.

Take care,