Weird bug

I just start using Isaac-gym, and I follow the install guidance. But why I try to run example, it show 65837 segmentation fault (core dumped)
I check dependencies, list as follows

I write a very simple program to show the bug (it is due to create_sim)

from isaacgym import gymapi

gym = gymapi.acquire_gym()
sim_params = gymapi.SimParams()
sim_params.physx.use_gpu = True
    sim = gym.create_sim(0, 0, gymapi.SIM_PHYSX, sim_params)


The output is

Importing module 'gym_38'
Setting GYM_USD_PLUG_INFO_PATH to /root/project/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/usd/plugInfo.json
Not connected to PVD
+++ Using GPU PhysX
Physics Engine: PhysX
Physics Device: cuda:0
GPU Pipeline: disabled
78615 segmentation fault (core dumped)
python debug. py

create_sim Doesn’t success and throw core dumped. Anyone know why? Or have any advice? Thank a lot!

I find out, it maybe because Isaac gym can’t find CUDA device, I am using RTX3090 and it tell me out of memory While using 0% memory. So I guess, Isaac gym doesn’t find graph card.

I will try to debug create_sim and test if Isaac gym recognizes GPU or not. Any advice will be helpful!

OK, for anyone facing the same problem, it is due to driver version!
The document said 470 and greater, and I use 495, BUT! Actually 510 worked!
The working config is:
CUDA 11.3
Driver 510.60.02
PyTorch 1.10.0

This Post have more infos.

Hi, did you try to set graphics_device=-1? It seems setting graphics_devices as -1 will stop the simulator from rendering (both for viewer image or camera image) and finish the create_sim function.

I’m just making sure that I have met the same problem as yours.