segnet-camera: failed to initialize imageNet


Seeing same on fresh install on jetson nano -

michael@dizzyneuron:~/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin$ ./segnet-camera
[gstreamer] initialized gstreamer, version
[gstreamer] gstCamera attempting to initialize with GST_SOURCE_NVARGUS, camera 0
[gstreamer] gstCamera pipeline string:
nvarguscamerasrc sensor-id=0 ! video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), width=(int)1280, height=(int)720, framerate=30/1, format=(string)NV12 ! nvvidconv flip-method=2 ! video/x-raw ! appsink name=mysink
[gstreamer] gstCamera successfully initialized with GST_SOURCE_NVARGUS, camera 0

segnet-camera: successfully initialized camera device
width: 1280
height: 720
depth: 12 (bpp)

segNet – loading segmentation network model from:
– prototxt: networks/FCN-Alexnet-Cityscapes-SD/deploy.prototxt
– model: networks/FCN-Alexnet-Cityscapes-SD/snapshot_iter_114860.caffemodel
– labels: networks/FCN-Alexnet-Cityscapes-SD/cityscapes-labels.txt
– colors: networks/FCN-Alexnet-Cityscapes-SD/cityscapes-deploy-colors.txt
– input_blob ‘data’
– output_blob ‘score_fr_21classes’
– batch_size 1

[TRT] TensorRT version 5.1.6
[TRT] loading NVIDIA plugins…
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - GridAnchor_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - NMS_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - Reorg_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - Region_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - Clip_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - LReLU_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - PriorBox_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - Normalize_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - RPROI_TRT
[TRT] Plugin Creator registration succeeded - BatchedNMS_TRT
[TRT] completed loading NVIDIA plugins.
[TRT] detected model format - caffe (extension ‘.caffemodel’)
[TRT] desired precision specified for GPU: FASTEST
[TRT] requested fasted precision for device GPU without providing valid calibrator, disabling INT8
[TRT] native precisions detected for GPU: FP32, FP16
[TRT] selecting fastest native precision for GPU: FP16
[TRT] attempting to open engine cache file .1.1.GPU.FP16.engine
[TRT] cache file not found, profiling network model on device GPU

error: model file ‘networks/FCN-Alexnet-Cityscapes-SD/snapshot_iter_114860.caffemodel’ was not found.
if loading a built-in model, maybe it wasn’t downloaded before.

Run the Model Downloader tool again and select it for download:

cd <jetson-inference>/tools ./

segNet – failed to initialize.
segnet-camera: failed to initialize imageNet

I believe problem is that the actual file is snapshot_iter_2756640.caffemodel. But am unable to find where to change.

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael, can you try updating the model filename in this line of code?

Let me know if that works for you - thanks.


Thank you that worked.

Cheers, Michael