Set gpu-id in nvv4l2decoder of dynamic uridecodebin pipeline

When we use uridecodebin in a pipeline to construct a dynamic pipeline, how can we set any of the properties of child elements? E.g. how can we set gpu-id of a potential nvv4l2decoder element inside the dynamically created pipeline of uridecodebin?

Same for properties like “latency” or “tls-validation-flag” of rtspsrc.

Using rtspsrc + parsebin + nvv4l2decoder manual pipeline directly is not an option because of this gstreamer bug.

Please use “child-added” signal callback to get the child element in decodebin. GstChildProxy (, gstreamer/gstbin.c at main · GStreamer/gstreamer (

We have similiar sample: gstreamer/gstbin.c at main · GStreamer/gstreamer (

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