Set line width in rendering LINESTRIP_2D larger than 12


I tried to set the line width of DW_RENDER_ENGINE_PRIMITIVE_TYPE_LINESTRIP_2D larger than 12. However, the rendered results are the same as line width = 12. How can I solve this issue?

My codes are listed as follows:

static constexpr float32_t CENTER_PATH_RENDER_WIDTH = 50.0f;
dwRenderEngine_setLineWidth(CENTER_PATH_RENDER_WIDTH, m_renderEngine);

sizeof(dwVector2f), 0, numValidPoints,

Dear songwen.huang,
Does that mean, you could see the difference when you vary the width till 12 and not after 12?
Could you please share a snippet to reproduce this on my machine. If you are modifying any DW samples, let me know the required changes.

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

Yes. I cannot see the difference after 12.

SW: 9.0
DW: 2.0
Module: pathnet

I only modify the line in pathnet/main.cpp as follows:

static constexpr float32_t CENTER_PATH_RENDER_WIDTH = 30.0f;

Dear songwen.huang,
Thank you for sharing more details in private message. I could reproduce the issue on my host.
Checking with team internally on this. I will update you on this

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,

Thanks your follow-up. Please keep me posted if any update.

Dear songwen.huang,
This value goes directly into openGL as glLineWidth. The supported rane in Gl is 0.5 to 10 and hence you do not see much difference for higher values.

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,

Noted. Is there any way for openGL to support glLineWidth high than 10?

You may check for it in OpenGL forums.
We update our documentation with this limitation to avoid confusion. Thank you for your support