Setting up AVB(Audio Video Bridging) on Host PC(Ubuntu 16.04) to NVIDIA Jetson TX2

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Is AVB support available on NVIDIA JETSON TX2?
If yes, Kindly help me with more details on audio video bridging between HOST PC and NVIDIA Jetson TX2 as I am completely new to this.

Hi Pratosha,

It’s looks like totally a software feature. No thing relative with Jetson TX2.



I am trying to set up an AVB for Ubuntu 16.04 as a talker (x64 architecture) and Jetson TX2 as a listener(aarch 64 architecture).
There are application packages that support AVB on TI boards.
Is there any similar package released by NVIDIA for setting up AVB ?
I tried using the i210 drivers on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 but that didn’t help to run the OpenAVB application available on GitHub.

These are some of the links I am trying on Jetson Tx2.

Kindly help


The Jetson hacks link helps in setting up communication between 2 Jetson TX1 boards.
Is there a way Gstreamer 1.8.0 can be used to set up a client-server communication between NVIDIA JETSON TX2 board and Ubuntu HOST PC 16.04.

I am currently working on sending Live video(webcam) output from ubuntu HOST PC to NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

Kindly help.



Hi Pratosha,
We don’t have experience in running it. Other users may share their experience.

What is the purpose of using this tool?