Jetson tx2 with auvidea b102 problems

I want to read a video stream with the HDMI through the HDMI-CSI-2 converter (auevidea B102). I have a Jetson tx2 with Jetpack 4.2. I configure the tc358743 driver in the kernel but after flashing and rebooting there is no video device (/dev/video*). Does anyone have an experience?
Thank you.

Hi hrexha,

You may need to contact with Auvidea if they can guide you how to integrate it with JetPack 4.2 on Jetson TX2.
We never tested with B102, thus can’t give the suggestions.


were you able to find a solution?

actually the company said that at the moment they didn’t manage to support the converter with a driver. So st that moment I moved to something else.


By any chance would you mind sharing what you moved too?

I ended up using a Black Magic web presenter for the task. So I got the stream in from USB3.