How can I use B102 on J120?

I’m thinking of connecting the action camera to Jetson TX1 using B 102 rev2 on J120 rev6.
However, since it is a linux beginner, I have no idea what I can do.

I downloaded the latest firmware (version 2.2) for Jetson TX1 based carrier boards from the auvidea support page.

However, I do not know how to update the firmware and I am interrupted.

Currently it is booting from SSD connected by USB. Do I have to update firmware in SSD instead of emmc?

Hi k-kuma,

You could refer to below topic to know how to update the firmware:

And see below topic if can remove your concerns for booting from SSD issue:


Hi, nVConan,

Thanks for your reply.

I would like to try updating the firmware according to this page.

I was able to successfully complete the firmware update.

Although it is the next problem, I do not know how to transfer the image of the action camera to the display.

Auvidea’s B102 manual only wrote the method of raspberry pi.

What kind of commands do I need to enter to use B 102 in J120?

Hi k-kuma,

Are your question on TK1 or TX1?
Have you filed issue to ask the support from Auvidea?


Sorry, I mistook the place to ask questions.

I am using TX1

I have also asked Auvidea, but I have not heard back.


I am also facing the same issue from long back and couldn’t get any support/respond from AUVIDEA. So it would better if you guide us regarding this …

Hi Satheesh

I have asked Auvidea a couple of questions, but it is rate to get a reply and I can not do it well yet.
I am temporarily suspended to use B102 now. Sorry I can not corporate.

Thanks Kumar,

i too didn’t get any reply from AUVIDEA.But without B102 how will you interface HDMI camera to J120 carrier board. do you have any alternate ?

Honestly, I hane no idea.
But Auvidea says that it will support for B102 is planned for the next firmware update.
I’m waiting next release.

Hi kumar,

kindly look at this , if it helps for you

sorry, i posted wrong location

Hi Kumar,

have a look on this,

Hi every one.

I’m now can connect B102 with J120 carries TX1 installed Jetpack 3.0. But i can only capture RGB video output and sizes 8.3MB. It takes 14ms to get single frame. If i change video output to YV12, frame capture sizes 3.2MB. It takes 6ms to get single frame. So i want to change video output to YV12 for shorter capture time. But When i change output format to YV12, i could only capture single frame. I know that problem come from configuring some register in TC358743 but failed to fix that. Have any one meet this situation before, please help me. I have been stuck on this problem for months.