Jetson TX1 not start from Auvidea J120 SSD

Hi, I’m having problems starting Jetson TX1 from an auvidea J120 NVMe SSD M.2 drive
I have the following elements:
– Auvidea J120-IMU rev6
– Jetson TX1 64bit
– Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 (250Gb)

In order for my TX1 to detect the SSD, I downloaded 2.2 firmware for Jetson TX1 (bsp_L4T_24_2_1_V2.2.tar.gz) from Auvidea page (
Seeing that it is compatible with Jetson TX1 only (L4T 24.2.1), I have also downloaded Jetpack 2.3.1 from the nvidia website.

Following steps of Jetson TX1 BSP flashing
guide ( It already recognize the SSD, but I can not boot from it.

Next I tell you the steps that I have followed:

Once the OS has been flashed, I have formatted the SSD disk, assigning it /dev/nvme0n1
Next I created the partition as Ext4 and I mounted it (/media/nvidia/JetsonSSD)
Then I copied the data from the internal eMMC to the SSD (sudo cp -ax / ‘/media/nvidia/JetsonSSD’)
Then, to be able to select the boot disk from a menu, I modified the file extlinux.conf (/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf).
This is where linux does not start, staying in the second 8.935603: platform5.regulator: Reg-fixed driver sync-voltage requests probe deferral.
The same thing I did with a USB and it starts without any problem. The only difference is that the SSD gives it the name /dev/nvme0n1 and the USB /dev/sda

Is there anything else I need to do to make SSD work?

I attached a pdf file with screenshots

Thanks in advance.
SSD-startup-error-screenshots.pdf (886 KB)

Hi miguel.manchon,

There was a similar topic filed before and gotten success, please refer to below topic: