Install booting SSD on Jetson TX1

Hi everyone,

I got another thing to ask for help, I added a SSD (500G)drive to TX1, after following tutorial to format , …, when openc extlinux.conf, the information is total different from kangalow’s video , it only asked for backing up the image, kernel , label etc. …

don’t know what to do ? the ubuntu is 18.04 on Jetson Tx1, with cuda 10…

any one can help?

the error message for my last post:
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is the SSD too big for 500G , it must be 256G?

please do help

In later releases there is more to booting which extlinux.conf no longer covers. So it would depend on release as to the error, but there is no such limit on SSD size. You would have to start with the JetPack/L4T version (see “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), and then the answers would go from there.

Now if you were to experiment by not booting to the SSD, but simply working with partitioning or mounting to alternate mount points after boot completes, then I suspect you wouldn’t have errors unless you were using a kernel without NVMe support (and assuming NVMe required…a SATA drive won’t necessarily have the same requirements as something on a PCIe bus).

In addition to your current release, also show what you see from “lsblk -f” with the drive connected (you can skip other drives’ information, and this can be from a PC if you want).

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