Jetson TX1 OS flash and devkit install on SATA SSD

Hello everyone!

I have just installed a 500GB SATA SSD on the Jetson TX1 board and I was trying to flash the OS and install every development tool on it (instead of installing on the default eMMC flash). I was pretty sure the Jetpack-2.3 would include a way of doing this. I thought this was a standard development setup (the acrylic enclosure I purchased even came with a support for the ssd).

Sadly, I couldn’t find a standard way of doing this.

This thread is too long and confusing I could’t follow it.

I followed demotomohiro instructions on this thread but that led to a ubuntu screen saying graphic drivers were missing, so I said “use default drivers” and then the only thing I could see was the pointer appearing and disappearing every 2 seconds.

In any case, I consider this solution too dirty for me. I’m starting from scratch, the eMMC is empty. What is the process (step by step) that will lead me to a clean Jetson TX1 booting L4T from the SSD?

If you guys could help me out, I would be truly grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Im working on the same thing but have a m.2 its a bit of a pickle. Be careful or your repos get dup errors all over the place on TX1-64 from Jetpack-2.3

I’d first install L4T 24.2 on eMMC using Jetpack 2.3 then copy rootfs to SSD using:

“sudo cp -a [Path to L4T 24.2 rootfs]/* [Mount point of SSD] && sync”

then change “/dev/mmcblk0p1” to “/dev/sda1” in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”

where [Path to L4T 24.2 rootfs] is L4T 24.2 Sample rootfs with binary driver applied.

what yahoo2016 said. :)

That’s pretty much what I did last time. I’m gonna retry it since you summed it up in 3 steps.

A little doubt so far. As I have installed L4T using the Jetpack 2.3, the rootfs folder is on my host machine, so I need to do scp. Also, I never used sync but I guess I should run in on the TX1.

Then you say “with binary driver applied”, I guess Jetpack did that for me already. I’m just copying the folder located at:


Am I right?

I did it for external SD card for TX1:

Sample Root Filesystem and driver package are also in “Download” folder after you run Jetpack 2.3.

You could extract rootfs and driver pacvkage on TX1 after you boot to ubuntu on eMMC.

I did install L4T 24.2 on Shield Pro SSD by copying rootfs to it.


I did it with the rootfs I found on the Jetpack install dir and didn’t work out. I ended up in a booting loop. I was having the boot screen setting registers and all of the sudden: “Restarting in 30 seconds”. Then it reboots and that so on.

I’ll try what you suggest on monday.

Thanks for your help. Have a nice weekend.

Because of permissions and symbolic links, simply “cp” or “scp” may not work.

If rootfs/driver were unpacked and binaries applied on host laptop, you should do “sudo cp -a … && sync” on host laptop.

If rootfs/driver were unpacked and binaries applied on TX1, you should do “sudo cp -a … && sync” on TX1.

I do not have access of TX1 on weekends, I’ll try SSD on Monday.

Now I can boot from SSD. but how can I install the Jetpacks onto SSD?
It seems I cannot use formal way to install Jetpacks.

If you still have issues you can follow this blog post about installing L4D on SSD