Failed to add 500G SSD as root booting system for Jetson TX1


again, I want some one can help me a bit.

I tried to added 500G SSD card to Jesson TX1 as booting system, it failed to do so, when openc extlinux.conf file, the the error message shown up:

** (gedit:11673): WARNING **: 15:58:45.573: Set document metadata failed: Setting atribute::gedit-position not supported

I followed the tutorial from kangalow’s video , … to format ,mounted… ., when open extlinux.conf, the information is total different from kangalow’s video , it only asked for backing up the image, kernel , label etc. …

don’t know what to do ? the ubuntu is 18.04 on Jetson Tx1, with cuda 10…

is the Jetson TX1 doese not support 500G SSD? , it must be or below 256G?

any one can help?


That error log seems have nothing to do with 500G SSD but only related to gedit.
Similar error/discussion can be seen on google search.

You could try to use other editor to modify extlinux.conf.