How to install os in external storage(SSD) in Jetson TX1

After I bought Jetson TX1,I also bought samsung 850 EVO. And I want to know how to install ubuntu in SSD.

I’d suggest you edit the “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” file. If you use a serial console you can test first by adding a duplicate entry with only the “root=” changed to “/dev/sda1”. You could edit the default, but if it doesn’t work, then you’d probably be stuck with flash to get it back.

The drive should be formatted with gpt partitions, e.g., through gdisk. File system type should be ext4 (mkfs.ext4).

You could unpack the sample rootfs there from the host (use sudo), and then run "sudo ./ -r ". If extlinux.conf points at that partition, and if the partition is valid, it should just boot to the SSD.

can you describe more detailedlly?

Good afternoon. Read messages, using councils from this branch to me it was succeeded to install system on a SD disk, and I have 4 copies of system on different SD now with different composition of programs and configurations with which I take ex-recops. SSD differs only in a disk name changed mmcblk0p1 to “sda1p1”

Additional info…

The u-boot boot loader normally reads file “extlinux.conf” prior to handing off to the kernel. By default this file is located on eMMC (a.k.a. “mmcblk0p1”) as “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”. In that file are a number of key/value pairs. One of those is the APPEND key, and the value is one very long string which is passed directly to the Linux kernel at the moment of boot. That parameter has its own key/value pairs, one of which starts with “root=”. This tells the kernel where to find the root file system. Should you name a partition on another device, then that device is your root partition from that moment forward.

A basic root partition consists of the sample rootfs unpacked there using proper permissions (meaning you use root or root authority during unpack, and you unpack to an ext4 file system). Following this the driver package script “” can be used to update that sample rootfs to be specific for Jetson hardware (the option format is "sudo ./ -r “/wherever/the/ssd/ext4/partition/is/mounted”).

If you want easy testing via serial console you can get details here: