Auvidea J100 boards with IMX219 concerns.

Hello Forum,

I purchased few Auvidea J100 boards because of it’s compact size and it’s claimed compatibility for HDMI camera input through the B102 module . However i didn’t succeed while trying to capture hdmi videos all i got was green screens . I tried to contact with them through the ticket system they offer . But never get a related reply . Even the replies i got are after 3 weeks or 2 weeks each time . So had to give up hope on HDMI .

Now i wanted to try the IMX219 Raspberry pi V2.1 cameras with J100 boards i did follow the manuals and changed the extlinux.conf file . however i didn’t get anything after running ls /dev/video*. I would like to believe i couldn’t configure it right. So i seek for help from Auvidea again and it’s been 3 weeks . No replies yet . So finally i’m writting here now to see if anyone else using the J100 boards with B102 HDMI module or any other auvidea boards for IMX219 raspberry cameras . And if they have any success with it or guideline anyone can provide regarding this.


Hi Sani,

I am sorry that nobody got back to you on our support ticket system. We have been receiving a large quantity of tickets and our support team has not been able to handle all of them in a timely manner. Lately we have increased staffing in the support team and slowly they are keeping up.

IMX219 camera: we have developed a driver for 6 IMX219 (Raspberry Pi camera version 2.1) cameras, the J106 carrier board and the TX1. The TX2 is not supported yet. The firmware 2.1 and 2.2 integrates this driver and may be downloaded from The J100 may require some changes in the device tree file to make sure that the GPIO and CSI-2 bus are routed correctly. I will put an engineer on this to test the IMX219 camera with the J100.

B102: we send me a PM and I will send you a link for the firmware with the B102 driver for the TX1. The TX2 is not supported yet.

Best regards, Jurgen

Hi Jurgen,
Much obliged for your reply , I already have sent you a PM you for the B102 module firmware . And about J100 board and IMX219 ,please keep me updated with that. I am waiting with my J100 boards for quite a few months with a hope that atleast one kind of camera system would work beside normal usb cameras.

Has there been any update on TX2 support? I just ordered a J100 from mouser, but given the lack of support (customer support and support for TX2), I’m wondering now if I’ve made a bad choice…

Hi all,

You can contact RidgeRun for information about our available TX2 IMX219 Driver (Jetpack 3.2.1) for Auvidea J106-J100-J20 boards.

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  • Carlos R.