could anyone give me the patch about j20?

I found many solutions about how to use J20 with imx219 camera on tx2. I don’t know whether it is necessary to patch the driver. Now I changed the status related to imx219 in dts, but still could not find /dev/video*. I tried to insmod imx219.ko, which printed “reset gpio error” in kernel.
I want to try to patch the driver but can’t find a way to download the patch. Could anyone share the patch or the way to use imx219 with j20?

Thanks a lot.
My email address is Thanks again

We are using J120 board from Auvidea and I’ve tried to get Raspberry Pi cameras working without much success. Neither NVidia nor Auvidea officially support these cameras, and while there’re a few individuals on this forum claiming they have it working, neither one wants to share the source code.

I’m sorry to say, but I think we are SOL on this one. Would be happy if someone can prove me wrong, tho ;-)