Auvidea Has Terrible Customer Support

Auvidea customer support is extremely slow.

Took 7 days to simply answer whether their Toshiba TCM8647MD was tx2 compatible. They said its still in development, but they have a TX1 driver. I made the purchase and after I received the items I asked for the TX1 driver.

I emailed them a month ago and still haven’t gotten a response to that email. I asked using their support ticket system and it took them 14 days to respond and send me a link to a driver download, the correct driver wasn’t even there.

I let them know that I am using the J20 board and that a suitable driver wasn’t list. Its been 12 days, they haven’t responded, and closed my support ticket.

Still am lacking the correct driver, am using the J20 module and the dev board, I need the camera driver.

I have seen other members post on this forum about having similar issues with Auvidea, does Nvidia have any support requirements for their scaling partners?

Sorry, our customer support has been overloaded by support requests at the beginning of this year. We are staffing up our support team to address support requests in a timely manner.

Some questions could have been answered by looking at our website. In the TCM8647MD camera description it states: “For the Auvidea Jetson TX1 carrier boards.” On Jan 2nd, 2018 the firmware 2.3 for the TX1 was published which supports the TCM8647MD 41.3MP camera. As there is no firmware support for the TX2 for this camera, it implies, that the TX2 is not supported.

If you would like to use the J20 and the NVIDIA dev kit with this camera please extract the driver from the 2.3 firmware and integrate this with the firmware for the dev kit. We recommend to use the J106 carrier board which is fully supported by the 2.3 firmware.

have had issues with auvidea too

Your website does not list what driver to use with the J20 Board. After TWO MONTHS and many unanswered messages you finally responded to tell me that the firmware for J100 works with J20.

“Some questions could have been answered by looking at our website.”

Was my question valid? I asked if the camera worked with TX2 and if not, what the timeline for compatibility was. Your website said it worked with TX1, it didn’t say anything about TX2. Your answer was that the TX2 driver is in the works and that you dont have a timeline for it. That question was valid.

Auvideas support very strange…
I have problems with install Toshiba camera module on J120+TX1 …
During the week have dialog with support team…my problem still not solved…
I don’t know what support do…and for what take a money

How up the camera with this patch?
I flashing BSP v 2.1 and v.2.2 after that tried to patch it with 2.3 patch but camera still not up…
About patch 2.3 – including driver for TCM8647MD 41.3MP camera , kernel_24.2.1_galileo_all_included_bin_v.1.0.4.tar.gz
Kernel source : kernel_24.2.1_galileo.tar/kernel_24.2.1_galileo.tar, I found only raytrix-galileo2-24.2.1.patch but where driver source file galileo2.c ??? I tried to compile this kernel but galileo2.c not found.
Simple question how up the camera? With yours BSPs and patches?