Need Auvidea Support


I installed the J100 2.3 firmware on the tx1 and am trying to use TCM8647MD with the J20 board. It is not working. I didn’t see any insturctions for the 2.3 firmware and the 2.1 instructions are outdated.

I have installed the host side setup for the “File System and OS” and “Drivers” using jetpack 3.0.

With elevation I extracted Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R24.2.1_aarch64.tbz2 into rootfs, applied binaries, replaced the .dtb file from kernel_24.2.1_galileo_all_included_bin_v.1.0.4.tar.gz, and flashed the jetson.

On the jetson I copied the contents of the boot and lib/module folders from kernel_24.2.1_galileo_all_included_bin_v.1.0.4.tar.gz to their respective folders.

The power light on the J20 board doesn’t light up when the camera is connected and there is no /dev/video*

Please let me know what to do.

Hi geepeeyou,

Have you contacted with Auvidea to get the support? Any response?


Did you manage to make 2.3 firmware work? It’s really frustrating that there is no instructions nor support.

Did anyone manage to get the TCM8647MD working on the J20? I have spent days working on it. Auvidea repeatedly closed my support ticket and will not respond to me. The driver seems to be broken beyond repair.

Did you guys get the source code for the drive ? i can have a look if you want, was going to order a TCM8647MD…