Setting up cuda 6.5 fails on ubuntu 15.04

I am trying to setup cuda on my lenovo laptop with GT 755M. I am able to install nvidia-current. When I try running the devicequery after the cuda tool kit installation, it throws the error 30. When I try installing the driver that comes with the run file or any other recent driver, I face issues. Either the screen freeze/screen flashes or the resolution changes and I am not able to login. I tried setting mode in the xserver-xorg, removing spash from grub, change permissions of .Xauthority, but nothing seems to work. I would appreciate if you could help me resolve the issue. I did try installation from the run file, and also through aptitude.

Ubuntu 15.04 is not an officially supported distro for CUDA (6.5 or 7.0).

Thanks! But I had trouble setting up cuda 6.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 too. I however, saw the setup done on a GPU server. Does centos 7 support it?

The supported distros/configurations are listed in the linux getting started document:

Thanks for the reply! As a follow-up question, If I install a VM of centos 7.0 or ubuntu 14.04 on ubuntu 15.04 will I be able to setup cuda on that? or do I need a fresh install of the os?

Generally speaking, physical GPUs are not accessible to a VM, unless special steps are taken. So at a basic level, the answer is no. If you do have in mind the idea of setting up a PCI passthrough configuration for the GPU (a fairly involved topic) then it might be possible to use the GPU in a VM hosted on 15.04. I haven’t done that myself and can’t help there.