Setting up eGPU (Razer Chroma). Seems to work fine util X freeze after a few seconds from login

Hello everyone!!

I’m struggling to set up an external GPU on my laptop.

My setup is:

  • Machine: Lenovo P53
  • OS: Fedora 33.
  • NVIDIA Driver: 460 (from NVIDIA installer).
  • Internal Discrete GPU: Quadro T2000
  • External GPU: Asus GeForce 960 Turbo
  • eGPU Enclosure: Razer X Chroma
  • External Monitor: Acer Predator XB1HUE connected to the external GeForce 960 GPU via DisplayPort.
  • Razer X Chroma is connected to the laptop via Thunderbolt 3.

Ideal output: Be able to use the eGPU and External Monitor while is connected and use internal discrete GPU when is not.

The issue: After a fresh installation of Fedora 33, propietary drivers installed with the NVIDIA installer (460), everything seems to run fine. The laptop discrete GPU (Quadro T2000) is recognized and 3D acceleration is working. Whe I connect the eGPU I can see both graphics cards with lspci. I proceed to install a eGPU-Switcher script, pick up the external eGPU and reboot, everything seems to work, external monitor is recognized and and working (although with bad scale resolution) and I can see in Settings/About that the selected card is the external GeForce 960… After about 1 minute (always about the same time) the system frezees and not respond to anything not even Ctrl+Alt+F3 and I have to perfom a hard reset.

I’ve try everything and look everywhere. I’m out of ideas. I’ll appreciate any help.

Logs and Reports: Not completed report. System freezes in the middle of the scan and perform a hard reset (184 KB)

Completed Report. eGPU not connected (1.2 MB)

Thank you all!!

There’re actually no errors visible in the log. So seems it’s spontaneously freezing which points to something being wrong with the mainboard/thunderbolt port.