Shaking object issue in Isaac Sim of the Omniverse


I am trying to simulate the robot arm using Isaac Sim. Another part is fine except for a slight vibration of every object in the scene like a below video.

2022-06-13 13-51-04.mkv (9.0 MB)

It also appears when I make a simple object like a cube or sphere.

I am using the RTX 3080 GPU with CUDA 11.4 version. Is there any method I can stop that shaking? Changing the preference of IDE or something else.

Thank you

I had the same problem, but it was solved with the update of version 2022.1
If you don’t want to update to 2022.1, you can try to turn on anti-aliasing in the rendering settings. It’s in the upper right area.

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Thank you for your answer. It is solved after turning on the anti-aliasing!

Pick your answer as a solution.

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