Sharing my work

I am sharing my work on computer vision using logic. I have used jetson nano to implement the idea. Thanks for helping me with my forum posts. Please take a look at my github repo called pyrebel. There is a demo program in the repo. I would love to hear what you think about the project. Also read the file abstract.odt in the repo explaining about the logic that i have implemented. Anyone finding this interesting please comment or leave a message.


A few suggestions:

  1. put more content into your file. Answer some basic questions like “what does this do?”
  2. If you expect people to read your abstract.odt file in order to learn about the project, put that information in your file (even better, link to it).
  3. An odt format file is going to limit the number of people who will take the time to read it. Consider using a more widely available format such as the same kind of rich text you use in or a PDF file, which is openable by most browsers.

I have updated the readme file. Pls take a look.