Where are Python docs for jetson.utils and jetson.inference?

Can someone tell me where I can find the documentation for jetson.inference and jetson.utils please?

I found the HTML C/C++ docs in the doc/ directory (surprise surprise) of the jetson-inference repository, but I can’t find the docs for Python developers. I found mention of it in docs/html/python/jetson.html but it’s missing essentials such as parameters and types.


The document is integrated in the GitHub page.
For example:


Hi. That’s the one I refer to in my post. Unfortunately it’s missing important detail. For example (just one of many) there is a function described as

cudaResize (...)

Resize an image on the GPU

But what parameters does it take, in what format? How does is resize? Does it scale, or crop? If it scales what sort of interpolation does it use?

As I haven’t had any other replies I’m guessing there isn’t any documentation that would be sufficient to actually write some code. Oh well.

Hi, I installed jetson-inference in the nano and it worked perfectly but then I tried to install it in the Xavier AGX and it gave me this – Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
See also “/home/prophet/Downloads/jetson-inference/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log”.
The Xavier is way faster so I really want to use it.
this is the file it referred to
CMakeOutput.log (44.0 KB)

Hi, martin2wu0d

Sorry for the late update.

Please noticed that jetson_inference python interface is wrapping from the C++ implementation.
So please refer to the corresponding C++ function for the detail usage.

The document is included in the GitHub source directly.
You can download the source first and open the docs/html/index.html with browser.
Or use htmlpreview for the online preview:


Hi, cespedesk

Have you solved the compiling issue?
If not, would you mind to clean build the jetson-inference again?

If the issue goes on, please file a new topic for your issue specifically.