Should install OpenGL via cuda package?

I want to know what is the consequence of not installing OpenGL via the cuda package? I mean, if I install the driver and toolkit on an Ubuntu, will opengl softwares use GPU or not?

Currently, I have installed cuda-10 driver and toolkit (without opengl) on Ubuntu 18.04 while nouveau has been blacklisted. However, when I run glmark2 [1] programs, no process is offloaded on GPU and I see 300% PCU usage.

On the other hand, I remember that when I installed opengl via cuda package, I had some problems with the display. For example, high cpu usage and other things.

So, I would like to know what is the recommendation of Nvidia for Ubuntu regarding opengl?


correct, if you don’t install the OpenGL libraries bundled with the NVIDIA GPU driver installer, then OpenGL apps won’t use the GPU.