Simple Print Compile Error

I just install CUDA on my windows machine and wanted to try out some of the samples. I got the following error:

nvcc fatal : Compiler ‘cl.exe’ in PATH different than the one specified with -ccbin

I am running VS2013


The error message tells you exactly what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

(1) Look at the path to the MSVC compiler specified via the -ccbin switch on the nvcc command line
(2) Look at the path to the MSVC compiler specified in the PATH environment variable

nvcc says these paths are not the same and are therefore in conflict. Either remove one of these two incompatible host-compiler path specifications (e.g. I never use -ccbin but specify the compiler via PATH, because I only have one version of MSVS installed), or decide which of the two paths is the correct one and use that in PATH as well as for -ccbin.

OK, Are we talking about PATH as in This PC->System Properties->Environment Variables

Yes. Note that there is a “global” and a “per-user” setting (at least that is how I remember it).

Having trouble finding the Project Property where -ccbin is set.

I also did a search for cl.exe and the only directory I found it that matched one in PATH definition was

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\bin\x86_amd64

This path is the same in my User PATH, system Variable CUDE_PATH, and in the command line argument -ccbin

Yeah, Ignore that last comment about the CUDA_PATH, but the User PATH and the -ccbin PATH are the same, so there should not be a problem, right?