Singularity Containers on AGX

Hello, I’m trying to get Singularity working on the Pegasus and ran into some snags. I was curious if anyone has attempted this and succeeded?

I was able to install Go (v1.15) and successfully built Singularity (v3.6.4) directly on the AGX. However, when I try to build or run a container, I get a warning followed by an error:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ singularity run library://geoffroy.vallee/ubuntu/19.10:latest
INFO: Using cached image
WARNING: Running inside a weak chrooted environment, prefer pivot_root instead of chroot
ERROR : Aborting as Singularity cannot run correctly without modifications to your environment

I’ve also attached the output of the command when run with debug flags, but it doesn’t seem to offer any additional clarity: output.txt (10.7 KB)

Hi @ldc290,

We haven’t tried to run Singularity on the system. You may need to wait if other developers can help here. Thanks!