Slow GPU perfomance in Linux

I have an Nvidia Geforce GT 720 graphics card and I’ve been dual booting Windows 10 / Ubuntu 21.10 for the past couple of months. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I do any video encoding, for example using Avidemux or Handbrake, the performance of the card is much slower on Ubuntu than on Windows. Some comparisons on framerates here For Avidemux I took a mkv and a ts file, selected 'Nvidia H264' under video outp -

I’ve tried changing drivers from recommended (470) to earlier drivers, and tried manually installing the 470 driver as well, but no change. The only setting I see that I’ve changed is in opengl settings where I change picture from ‘quality’ to ‘high performance’, but that doesn’t seem to help either. nvidia-smi shows no processes, either before, during, or after starting encoding.

While it’s an old card now, I’ve had no trouble at all with it on Windows and I was hoping that it would perform at about the same on Ubuntu. Is there a setting I’m missing? It seems to work otherwise, video playback seems normal, just video encoding is much slower. Thanks for any help!

Low end gpus don’t support listing processes and most nvidia-smi output, you can only check nvidia-settings for “Video Engine Utilization”
Most low-end nvidia gpus also don’t have an encoder at all, some MX models not even a decoder so you can count yourself lucky.
Next part is the software, Handbrake on Linux doesn’t support nvenc in GUI, only experimental on CLI
Avidemux AFAIK needs a special build of ffmpeg installed for nvenc to work.
So I guess your gpu and driver are allright, it’s just not being used and falls back to cpu encoding.

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That makes a lot of sense, thank you! So even if I upgraded my graphics card I would most likely run into the same problems with those softwares in linux. I’ll look into what I need to do for ffmpeg

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