Severe performance issues with my Nvidia cards

I’m using RTX 2080ti and GTX 1660super on two different desktop PCs.
In Windows, their performance is normal, however every Linux distro I have tried just failed to provide even a fair performance with either card, which behaves like:

  • UI is laggy and stuttering
  • glxgears or glmark2 runs extremely slower even than iGPU, let alone gaming
  • UI is freezed when running any 3D program

These issues happen with whatever driver version (from 470 to 530) on whatever Linux distros or kernel version (from 5.15 to 6.2) for both 2080ti and 1660s and either my two desktop PCs (B660 12700 and B550 5700G).

I attach nvidia-bug-report for 1660s, and hope it helpful.
nvidia-bug-report.1660s.log.gz (746.7 KB)



Same issue. Ubuntu 22.04

nvidia-bug-report for 2080ti here, not sure if it helps
nvidia-bug-report.2080ti.log.gz (764.9 KB)

It seems that ASPM for PCI Express Graphics is the culprit for the performance degradation in Linux. When I disabled the PEG ASPM the performance returns to normal.

But I still don’t understand the reason why Windows handles PEG ASPM correctly. I remember I have enabled this option when using an AMD RX580 without issue, I doubt there is some problem in Nvidia proprietary drivers.