Nvidia RTX 2060 poor performance on linux

The video card has poor performance on linux systems (tried on kubuntu and kde arch based distro) the RTX 2060 works worst than intel integrated GPU.

nvidia bug report:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (3.0 MB)

There’s something wrong with it:

        SW Power Cap                      : Active

it runs at 75MHz.

  • check for a bios update
  • check if driver v470 works

Tried v470 same problem and I didn’t find any Bios update. Also tried to set with - pl, but it says that changing power management limit is not supported for GPU.

is the RTX 2060 a mobile one?
if yes, maybe you could find something in my issues. Not sure, but maybe.
Upgrading to a proper driver helps a lot (beware of the latest though, I have issues with it on Debian testing).