Slow Material Libraries/collections & Load Order Issue

Hello im having some issues with the online material libraries. they take forever to load for some reason in particular nvidia vmaterials. as a work around i tried installing the libraries locally. problem is even tho i have the local libs installed the cloud based material libs appear to have load priority and are being loaded first. is there anything i can do to circumvent this? ive noticed alot of of new vmaterials crashes omniverse aswell (all the wool/cotton mats for instance) i would also like to know if its possible to add .mtlx files to the library or is it strictly for .mdl. and is there a way to convert .mtlx to .mdl. and vice verca thanks.

The only thing I can ask is 1) do you have a super slow connection ? 2) do you have a super slow GPU ? 3) are you behind a corporate firewall or anti virus ?

i have a 3090 and my connection is pretty fast and im not using a corp firewall just the standard windows one. altho i might have some weird net issues (bad signal or something at my location) sometimes my connection will loose packages and such it seems (playing games online for instance i always get some kind of connection issue/lag despite having good ping). back when omniverse create was first released the libs loaded alot faster, not sure what changed. However the issue here is moreso the fact that i cant use the local libs as a workaround because they are they appear to have low load priority so they are loaded last anyways. so i have to wait for all the slow loading of the cloud libs. defeating the purpose of having local libs installed so i can speed up my workflow. omniverse crashes alot so this is a big problem as u gotta reload them each time. i can load them though the content browser instead but i need actual collection library with previews ideally.

I would not try to force it with local libraries. Let’s try to figure out the normal program with the Amazon S3 content.

Where are you located ? What is your internet speed ? Can you make sure you have nothing else loaded when testing this. Then capture the loading process with a video capture tool. And also send the log to me.