Snap version for the desktop app?

since a lot of people are running newer versions of Ubuntu or different Linux OS’s wouldnt it be possible to provide the workbench as a snap application that then can connect to a remote server ( context) although it depends on the same tech as containers… it should be easy … the current installation process with sudo makes it hard to run the workbench in laptops/workstations which are not running the outdated ubuntu 20.04 :)

Hi - Thank you for posting and this is a great question!

To clarify, Workbench supports Ubuntu 22.04, not Ubuntu 20.04.

Which distributions are you having issues on?

Overall, we would prefer to just support more Linux distributions rather than containerizing the Workbench application. I believe that snap implies that. Am I correct on that?

Regardless, this is something I will discuss with the engineering team and thank you for suggesting it as a potential path.


my laptop runs ubuntu 23.04 ( ubuntu budgie) so I think having a snap version of workbench to at least run the frontend part… and connect to a remote (context) would be beneficial for a lot of people that have different OS versions on their laptop. if they can run snaps it would make life a lot easier also for your devs. as they dont need to support multiple OS’s and versions.


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