How to change the jupyterlab config to allow remote access to the jupyter web interface?

working with nv workbench, and trying to set up a new project, with jupyter lab, but my server with GPU’s is remote, ( no local display) and how can I change the config so I can access the jupyter lab via a remote browser?


You can work remotely on an Ubuntu 22.04 system as follows:

  1. Install Workbench on the remote using one of the zipped Ubuntu 22.04 files on the main Beta page. Choose the one appropriate to the architecture on the remote.
  2. Add the remote to your local Workbench, making sure to use the proper IP address and private SSH key. Instructions for the Desktop App are here. Those for the CLI are here.

Once you have done that, you can then select that Location (or “context”) to work on from either the Desktop App or the CLI.

From there you can either create a new Project on that remote or clone an existing one. See CLI here and Desktop App here.

Then, you just fire up JupyterLab and it should work.

Please let me know if you have any issues. More than happy to jump on a call to sort things out!


that only works if the machine can install workbench :)
my laptop runs ubuntu 23.04 nv-workbench refuses to install here. I usually fire up a jupyter lab on my server and point my web browser to the server. which works like a charm, and doesnt require any installation on the remote node ( the front end) I was looking for a way to configure the docker instance of nv - workbench to allow remote web connections to the jupyter lab. but that seems to be tricky

got it. so Ubuntu 23.04 support is something you want.

yes, that would be tricky because the environment is in the container that jupyterlab is running in.

seems like the solution is for workbench to run on 23.04, no?

that would be a solution yes… and hence my other suggestion to deliver workbench as a snap…

another solution would be to run workbench on the remote via CLI (from terminal on the remote) and then pull the web apps back to your local browser. i think this is possible. let me ask.

the only alternative way is to use an ssh tunnel to relay the port from the remote to the laptop, but thats slower and a bit convoluted