Accessing Jupyterlab from WiFi

Good morning,

I am trying to do the nvidia introduction course and they want to use a usb cable with a computer. I was wondering if i can access jupyter lab via wifi instead of using the usb. I have the wifi running on the jetson nano with no problems. I have acquired the ip address as well but when i type the ip address plus :8888 it doesnt want to go in. Please help. Thank you.

Hi hydraerozine,

Yes, you can access JupyterLab via Wi-Fi.

It sounds like you have some issue accessing your JupyterLab server via Wi-Fi network.
Can you test if you can SSH into Jetson Nano from the computer you are using via Wi-Fi?

I couldn’t like at all. I was using the getting started image. I looked more and found out the jetbot image. I decided to use the jetbot image to see if i could use it and it did. It looks like the getting started image didn’t have jupyterlab or maybe not for wifi. Jetbot image does have it. Maybe i needed to start jupyter? But that was not in getting started course.

Another problem was the latest jetbot image did not have the password listed on the documentation. It was jetbot.

Thank you for your help.

Both JetBot image and the DLI image have the JupyterLab server pre-installed, however the getting started image does not have JupyetrLab pre-installed.

The JetBot image’s JupyterLab server’s password is documented here.