Can you assist please I have watched most Nvidia videos how to do collision avoidance and move onto train model. All skip over the following without explaining how to carry it out.

“ You should see a file named dataset.zip in the Jupyter Lab file browser. You should download the zip file using the Jupyter Lab file browser by right clicking and selecting Download .

Next, we’ll need to upload this data to our GPU desktop or cloud machine (we refer to this as the host ) to train the collision avoidance neural network. We’ll assume that you’ve set up your training machine as described in the JetBot WiKi. If you have, you can navigate to

Hope you can explain for a newbe please

It’s the upload that I have the issue with, how ?, and where to.upload to.

Please point out where you see the content. And please make sure you have run this successfully:
GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetcard: An SD card image for web programming AI projects with NVIDIA Jetson Nano

The latest SD card image is for Jetpack 4.5.1. Please confirm you use correct version.

Uploading and Training dataset on the desktop is an option.
You can train the dataset on the Jetbot directly.

Do you refer this?

In the middle of the README, you can find ‘Jetbot Documentation’,
then find ‘Examples - Collision Avoidance’
At step 2, you can use option 1.

I have decided to start from begi lo 0

Apprecaite you assistance
Starting from scratch
Booted up with jetpack 4.5.1
Can booth on monitor but cannot login using usb its not being detected as a port when I connect

Get this error after booting up with
4.5.1 jetcard

Oops something went wrongUnable to create a required folder
Please create or set permissions

Could not connect on usb with this install , pc would not detect connection.

Flashed jetbot-043_nano-2gb-jp45
and booted up nano with it.
In monitor connection mode it gives errors but I can connect using putty
I enter user and password “jetbot”
So I can now login to jupyterlab.

Completed Basic_motion ,no problem
Completed collision_avoidance no problem
Having issue with second item in train_model.pynb " unzip -q dataset.zip "
It remains busy and I CANNOT continue.

I believe issue is with downloading
dataset.zip , I do this by right clicking and select download.
It then says you should upload data to GPU desktop or cloud.

I CANNOT UPLOAD BECAUSE THERE ARE NO Instructions how to ,or more important where to.
As none of nvidi videos refer to this ,is it necessary .Or is something that happens automatically.
Sorry for long explanation

Installed jet pack sd card image for jetson nano 2g, but got this error

¨ unable to create a required folder.pls create or set permission
/home/jetson/.config/nautilus ¨

Is it possible this error may have an effect when I boot up with the jetbot code.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue?


Thank you for reply

Flashed jetbot-043_nano-2gb-jp45
and booted up nano with it, with monitor connected cannot setup wifi as does not give Nvidia screen, can use Jupiter lab with usb cable but wifi dongle on Jetson is not switched on ,

Is there a sudo command that I can use from Jupiter lab to initialise the wifi dongle on Jetson

Please check below project to see if can help: Introduction of Jetson Nano Mouse, a derivative project of JetBot and related ROS projects - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Projects - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Please explain if I install Jetson nano software first and setup wifiIs that info erased when I install jetbot software.

What kind of wifi card is in use here?

What kind of interface do you have after you install jetbot? If there is still console that able to work, then you can use that console to install wifi driver. But which driver to be used depends on the wifi chip.

Once I install jetbot by flashing sd card I no longer have accsss to monitor using hdmi just get opening screen where you enter “jetbot “as user and password,so I connect using usb cable and Jupiter lab
using ‘
Can use all notebook examples in jetbot from here ,my issue is
connecting through wifi on my network ,jetbot does not appear on my router list of connected items. I presume I have not switched on wifi
on jetbot. Is there a command I can use from terminal window in jupyter lab do this.

Thank you Pat

Firstly, find out a interface that you can interact with the board… for example, use putty on your Windows machine to ssh to

I am using usb dongle for wifi on jetbot

Yes I can access with putty

This is not enough to just say something like “usb dongle”. Do you know there are how many usb dongles over the market?

Please at least provide the brand name and sku.

Re installed Jetpack 4.5.1 and wifi is ok
Flashed sd card with jetbot ,no wifi from jetson.
This is adaptor supplied with jetson

Do you know which jetpack version is that jetbot based on? Are you using jetpack4.5.1 based jetbot image?

Thank you
Wifi Issue resolved.