Allow workbench-proxy to bind to a user-specified host ip

I am working with the Workbench via the cli on a remote Ubuntu server. Unfortunately I cannot connect to any of the services after starting them up since the workbench-proxy container is bound to From docker inspect:

        "Ports": {                
            "10000/tcp": [        
                    "HostIp": "",
                    "HostPort": "10000"
            "80/tcp": null         

Is it possible to specify the actual host ip or even ‘’ for the proxy?

Hi Graeme,

Thanks for posting.

I want to better understand your setup and what you are trying to do.

First question:

Where is the CLI installed? Is it on your local machine and then you are connected to the remote via nvwb activate <remote_location>, or is the CLI running on the remote and you’ve ssh’d to the remote?


Hi Tyler,

CLI is installed on the remote server and I am ssh’ing to.


Got it.

What happens if you install the CLI locally, and then add the server as a remote location?

That is intended deployment model.

See user guide for info, and let me know if it works or why you can’t use this deployment model.

The windows laptop I’m using as my driver is locked down so that while I have WSL access I’m unable to install the Windows Desktop application. Just tried installing the CLI software in a Ubuntu 22.04 WSL instance but failing - “Installation Failed - Could Not Inspect Host”.

I’m able to install and run on the remote server - I just can’t connect to JupyterHub or Chat (using the RAG example) to explore from a local browser.

Hi Graeme,

Ok. We should figure out a way to get that local Windows install to work.

Can you share some info about that? If you don’t want to post it here, just email

WRT trying to install in directly in a WSL2 distro, that route won’t work. There is a fair bit of configuration that has to happen.

In terms of adding a feature for this type of exposure, we won’t be doing it for security reasons. Such exposure could result in anybody being able to access your Projects and running apps.


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