Soft Shadows


has anybody the sample with soft shadows, or can anybody give me advice,
how to realize the “simply” soft shadows?


Are you talking about having soft shadows in general, or are you asking for more information on the SDK samples that have soft shadows?

Soft shadows are very simple to do using “distributed ray tracing”. The general idea is sampling additional points on the light source instead of one, and weighting appropriately. Here’s the original paper:

Thanks for the answer.
I suppose I see the general idea.
But how to realize this idea in OptiX.
I don’t see this effect in samples.
Am I wrong? What sample has soft shadow effect?

In principle the path tracer example has soft shadows, but also indirect illumination.

I think it’s called isg shadows, I cow with mixed opengl + optic shadows, there are fake soft shadows…

I don’t have the samples at hand right now, so I don’t know if there are any other…

Thanks adamce.