Software Achicture question related to Hypervisor, QNX and Linux

I am looking at the below stack diagram which I found on NVIDIA website. It seems to use QNX, I will have to use Hypervisor. Please let me know if this understanding is correct or not. And if so, please also let me know how to proceed to get the Hypervisor from NVIDIA?

I also have another question. According to the diagram, these modules - NvMedia/EGL 1.5/VPI/Open GL ES 3.2/CUDA/TensorRT/cuDNN - do not reside on top of QNX. Are they running on top of Linux (Ubuntu)? But the thing bothers me is, I do not see the Linux in this diagram. Same question goes to “Foundation Services”, “L1 Safety Services”, “Security Services”, “Communication Services” and DDS.

Dear charlie.zhao,

Could you please refer to below docs link for your topic?

Could you please contact local NV contact point to discuss NV Hypervisor user case? Thanks.