Software settings for HDMI operation

I have questions about HDMI
As per P63 of DG10931-001_v1.0, HDMI was connected as hardware.

  1. DP differential signal and HDMI differential signal input to SoM are shared as per P56 of DG10931-001_v1.0, which one works by default with Jetpack 5.1 or later?
  2. Is it possible to operate HDMI with Jetpack 5.1 or later only with the following command settings?
    Common Display configurations for all Platforms — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation
  3. Do I need to change the device tree or other software to change the default behavior of “1.”?

If you flash the board with p3509 setup (xavier nx devkit setup), then by default it is already in HDMI mode.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m sorry, I wanted to hear what happens when you set it up with Orin NX
We are developing a custom board for Orin NX


Yes, I know you are talking about ONX. I meant we have a board configuration which is for Orin NX + Xavier NX devkit and that device tree already provided you the HDMI mode.

Thank you for your reply. I understood. Thank you so much.

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