[solved] Fedora 36 xfce : kernel 6.0.15-200.fc36 + 525.60.13 = nvidia-persistenced fails

Hi everyone,

It seems there were some changes introduced lately I’m not aware with both Fedora newer kernels and latest Nvidia drivers 525.xx , since I can’t install any nvidia driver (.run) without meeting some issue.

  • Trying to install nvidia 525.60.13 with kernel 6.0.15-200.fc36 seems to work, but when asked to build with dkms, it fails with messages like this :
Module version 525.60.13 for nvidia-peermem.ko.xz exactly matches what is already found in kernel 6.0.15-200.fc36.x86_64
  • and this :
kernel: NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 525.53, but this kernel module has the version 525.60.13.

… which I believe is not good at all.

  • at reboot, both dkms and nvidia-persistenced systemd service are KO. I’m assuming that the driver is working since at the very least I can login to my desktop, and screen resolution is just fine.
  • nvidia-settings is … half-KO ^^’ : it doesn’t show the usual X-server configuration options

Could you please explain what I should do in order to install the driver properly and get the nvidia-persistenced and dkms service running again ?

Thank you all in advance !

Solved with a single command (as root) :

dkms autoinstall --force

Wish I’d tried that sooner.

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