Driver installation failed on Fedora 32

I am not sure if this is right forum, but i got linked here from nvidia forums.

I am trying to install nvidia drivers on Fedora 32. I heard 440.100 are stable on Fedora 32. I was following this guide:
However installation fails with error:
ERROR: Failed to run ‘/usr/sbin/dmks build -m nvidia -v 440.100 -k 5.0.4-200.fc32.x86_64’:
I have 2070 super, i downloaded drivers for linux x64. My os is 64 bit, i checked! And i disabled secure boot!

Thanks for help!

I would send log, but there is no upload button. So i uploaded it to pastebin. This is when i try to register dmks. If i try to install it without dmks, it fails as well. I just included log when i try to install it with dmks for simplicity. I am not sure: whether or not installating it with dmks is important…

Is there a pressing reason you want to install manually?

The akmod via dnf option has worked much more reliably for me – and dnf will update drivers as needed for new kernels, etc. (See: (

I used this, because it was very detailed and up to date so it made good impression. I don’t know what is best method to update drivers on fedora. On ubuntu it took 3 hours, because even highly upvoted posts didn’t work as intended.

I followed it step by step and got this error: " NVIDIA kernel module missing. Falling back to nouveau.".
While i updated system and it successfully updated!

No idea why it is not working, it can be million things, linux is very difficult… And i am on clean install…

I tried uninstall nvidia drivers and install them again. Same issue… During boot, it says: nvidia kernel failure, or something. Noveau is disabled in grub. No idea why it doesn’t work! Since this is second tutorial and manual install didn’t work as well previously. It is like that usually, even posts with hundreds upvotes don’t work sometimes, which are pretty straight forward. It is rocket science to even install drivers on linux :D