Squeezenet on TX2

I used this web(https://github.com/forresti/SqueezeNet)to download squeezenet.How to install squeezenet on TX2?


This is a caffe-based model. Here are two possible inference engine on TX2.

1. Caffe
Please check this comment for the installation steps:

2. TensorRT
You can also inference a caffemodel with our TensorRT API.
Plese check this sample for more inforamtion:

$  /usr/src/tensorrt/samples/sampleGoogleNet/


Thahk you .I will try it.

I have installed caffe. But I followed this web (https://www.twblogs.net/a/5bb026862b7177781a0fc76a) to train squeezenet . But I have a problem below picture .

How to solve? And another train way?