Stable Diffusion on Jetson AGX Orin and Xavier

Hi all,

I came up with a Dockerfile to run Stable Diffusion inside a contianer on Jetson.

Jetson AGX Orin and Jetson AGX Xavier with big VRAM space make it pretty straight forward to run Stable Diffusion, so have a try if you happen to have the hardware.

“Robots marching down a street in Japan”

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Really cool, thanks for sharing @lekto!

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Hi @lekto . I tried this on my Jetson Nano but got the error bellow with “./docker/”. I am working on this now but it would be nice if you can point out what is wrong here.

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With only 4GB for RAM, I think it is almost impossible to run Stable Diffusion on Jetson Nano.

Yes, thank you for your information @lekto . I just want to run some tests with it.

Hi @lekto and @dusty_nv Would it be possible to use the xformers to speedup your image generation on Orin in a Docker container? Xformers · AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui Wiki · GitHub

Hi @lphung, if you check @lekto’s Dockerfile, that container image was built against JetPack 5.0:

So you would probably need to rebuild it against the version of JetPack you are on with Nano (JetPack 4.x)

Hi @seflands, I’m not entirely sure if this is applicable or not, but here’s also this optimized version of DALL-E Mini for PyTorch:

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what about Jetson TX2? Does anybody tried to run Stable Diffusion there?