Standardise Jetson Nano to Pocketqube size Satellites

Dear NVIDIA Design Engineer Team ,

I am writing this for NANO Design Team to add Space related features and standardise its size and reducd its weight according to Pocketqube AND Cubesat standards so that it can be useable in pocket or cubesats satellites for further R&D.

Hopefully this message will reach to right person in NVIDIA. Add LORA and other compatibility in future boards and also make a bit compatibility with AWS Ground Staion.

Asad Kazmi

Hi Asad, the Tegra SoC used by the Jetson is not space-rated or hardened for radiation. Cubesats lie outside of the operating environment specified for the modules and are not supported by NVIDIA, but you can do what you wish with them at your own risk.

Some ecosystem partners like AiTech have previously looked into space-based operations for other Jetsons whom you may want to consult with. If you wish to change the carrier footprint or add LoRa communications, ect you can create a customized carrier for the Nano module to your own specifications.